Empowering Somaliland's Future Health Leaders!

  • 05 February, 2024

Graduation photos - 1 Thrilled to kick off the GHELP and Research Seminar at Gabiley National Library, a collaborative effort by Tima-ade University, Gabiley National Library, and Global Health Focus. Two days of impactful sessions fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Somaliland's healthcare professionals. Congratulations to the 100 passionate participants, including doctors, public health workers, and professionals from various health sectors in Hargeisa, Borama and Gabiley, who received certificates for their dedication and active involvement in these enriching seminars and training sessions. Together, we're shaping a healthier and brighter future! 💙 #HealthLeadership #SomalilandHealthcare #GHELP #ResearchSeminar #CommunityEmpowerment